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Hello my little darling boys and girls,

I'm Mommie Victoria.  Mommie knows how hard everyday life can be and how it can wear littles like you down.  But do not fear darlings!  Mommie is here to help you let go and become the little you crave to be.  Mommie loves to see her little boys and girls be happy and enjoy themselves without having a care to the world.  She enjoys seeing all of you play and run about in your diapeys, having your favorite juice in your ba-ba's, and watching your favorite movie curled up with your blankie and stuffed animal.  Mommie also loves to do many activies with you.  She enjoys spending time with you while you play with your toys and she even loves story time (it's her personal favorite, she loves to read to her littles.)  She will feed you at meal times and give you ba-ba's and maybe even a bath if you get all messy and sticky.  Mommie wants nothing more than to make your visit the most enjoyable and the most fun then you ever had.  She wants to see big smiling faces at the end of everyday and know that she has done her best job at being a Mommie.  Mommie can't wait to hear from you little ones and hopes that you are excited for your first or even another trip back to Mommie.  Play safe and have fun with whatever you do.  Love you little ones, Mommie Victoria.


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